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We Empower Leaders
to Awaken Their Full Potential

 Taking you on a journey from burnt out and lacking to energized and thriving!

I get it. I've been there. I was a lacking fulfillment, lacking boundaries, and struggling to grow my business. I was burnt out constantly striving for the wrong things (that I didn't know were the wrong things).

One fateful day, I had a spiritual realization that the most impactful transformations were not constantly striving for outer things, but start in the recesses of our souls! I realized many of my beliefs and thoughts weren't actually aligned with my soul. I began to fall in love with myself and heal the wounds, patterns and subconscious beliefs that kept me playing small and abandoning myself. I truly began to love myself, take aligned action accordingly and life quantum leaped!

Since then, I've been crafting my ideal life. I am the leader I dreamt of,  I have my dream partner, my health and business are thriving! Now, I am on a journey of teaching others how to do the same.

If this resonates, let's talk.

Together, we will:

Create self-care systems to enhance your life, establish more freedom to nourish your body from the inside out

Create a custom plan designed for optimal health, inner peace and stress management

Heal unhealthy patterns & core wounds so not only will you be physically thriving, so will your relationships, confidence and life.

Align your life to where things you chased now flow to you, your abundance grows and you boldy elevate in business.

Meteor Transformation Programs

Breakthrough Session
+ 1 Week Voxer

You know there is more. You know there is a block. You know you are ready for a breakthrough, now. 

This 60 minute breakthrough session + 1 week (M-F) of voxer access is designed for someone who wants to dip their toe in the water of possibility before entering into an intensive container or knows exactly where they are stuck and is open to receive the intuitive guidance and healing to breakthrough to the otherside. 


For leaders who are ready for the next level. 

This mastermind is for the leader ready to address & heal the roots, create magic in her business and personal life while aligned action and no longer dimming their light. Inside A&S we are the legacy changers.

Together we join in a sacred space of leaders, where being seen, heard, and learning from one another becomes the catalyst for your transformation. 

VIP 1:1 Coaching

This leadership alchemy is designed for the legacy changer ready to have it all from a connected, calm and confident energy. 

Inside this container you have all of the tools, 1:1 support and customized package that includes: Wellness Guidance, Personal Development & Relationships, Spiritual Life Guidance and Healing as well as Leadership Development. If you want this year to be the most abundant year of your life and are ready to go all in. This is the package for you. 

Limited Spots Available 

Holistic Health, Fitness & Wellness

16 Week Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is For Someone Who Needs Higher Accountability, Want's To Change Their Relationship with Food, Release Unwanted Weight, Create More Self Love, Inner Peace + Increase Confidence & Needs More 1:1 Support.


Fitness Programming

Custom Macro Calculations

Nutrition Guideline

Meal Plans 

2 X 45 Minute 1:1  Deep Dive Coaching Sessions Monthly*

Slack Accountability Check-in Weekly

6 Month
Luxury Leadership

This Package is Designed for the Founder & Executive That Wants it All. 

Lose Up to 30lbs of Body Fat

Lower Cortisol Levels

Increase Energy 

Better Quality Sleep

Increased Sex Drive

Increased Confidence

No more Second Guessing What to eat - No more Second Guessing What to Workout & How


Daily Communication on Slack 

1 x 1 Hour Onboarding Call 

3 x 45 Min Zoom Calls Monthly

1 x 15 Min Phone Calls Monthly

SMS Daily Accountability for Workouts & Meal Times (BLD)

Progress Tracker w/ Scheduled Workouts 

Custom Fitness Program - At Home / Gym 

Unlimited Custom Meal Plans w/ Macros 

Tangible Tools To use on the go 

Blood Work Analysis 

InBody Scans - Location Dependent 



What clients are saying

"Health Coaching with Natalia has been a game changer for me! She has helped me achieve goals that I tried myself for over 5 years. We achieved them in 3 months!"

- Anna A.

“I think what you are doing, the way you empower and the way that you have reached me in a place in my life where I felt unreachable has been the most beautiful thing.

This was completely, utterly the best choice I think I've ever made for myself.”

- Kelsey H.

"My daily joy increased and my ability to feel genuinely worthy of it. My connection and true communication with my husband is better than ever before. I lost 10lbs without even trying. I also gained a significant income increase." 

- Alissa K.

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Living and abundant life

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Empowering Leaders

I Hear You

I spent years trapped in these cycles, in constant combat with myself where “fawn and flight” was my choice coping mechanism. I was an empath to my detriment and spent years overgiving to others, undervaluing myself, not having any idea how to set and hold healthy, sustainable boundaries (or even what they were). 


There was a day, unforgettable and profound, when the veils of conventional wisdom fell from my eyes. Until that moment, I had been on a relentless pursuit of physical perfection, believing that the power of fitness could craft my ideal reality. But that fateful day, a stirring realization washed over me: the most impactful transformations were birthed in the recesses of our souls. It wasn’t just about the weight lifted or miles run, but about the burdens shed and emotional distances bridged. True transformation emerges not just from external accomplishments, but from deep internal healing, and the cultivation of a self-love so potent, it radiates outwards, reshaping everything in its path. In that moment, my journey took a turn – from seeking outer validation to nurturing an inner revolution.


Here, my life transformed and this transformation is the core of the programs I developed in Meteor Life Coaching. 

Your Solution

Take it from someone who gets it: There is a way out. I’ve seen it in my own life, and in the lives of my clients when they breakthrough and find inner peace.

They heal their relationship with themselves, finding deep self-love


Learn how to nourish and celebrate their bodies


Find confidence in setting boundaries that serve them… and holding them too! 


Stop setting themselves on fire to just keep other people warm. 


My clients shatter glass ceilings and transform their reality. 

They learn how to create a life of freedom, find their inner light, and finally feel whole.

Wild, Worthy Woman

As a Coach, My Success is Your Success

Daily Joy in Nature

If you can relate, if you are ready to take the step to truly become the most powerful and whole version of yourself, I’m here to tell you that it is time to STOP playing small

STOP trying to fit into someone else's idea of who you are

STOP putting yourself last

STOP putting your happiness in someone else’s hands


STOP waking up sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You don’t have to put up with mediocre anymore. 


A way where you can break the cycles you find yourself in and truly shine. 


A way to create a life of confidence and abundance, 


A way to feel confident in your body and who you were DESIGNED to be. 

START breaking cycles and truly shine?

START creating a life of confidence and abundance?

START feeling confident in your body and who you were designed to be? 


I want this for you. YOU want this for you!

Are You Ready to Start? 

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