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Meet Natalia

Your Expert Mind, Body, and Soul Transformation Coach

Like too many of us, most of my life was spent in a cycle of people pleasing, playing small, avoiding confrontation, never feeling like I quite fit in but not ever really knowing why. What I did know, was that something was missing - the pieces just weren’t fitting even though I tried my hardest to force them the way I was told they should go. 


“Flight” was my coping mechanism of choice, and I was an empath to my detriment. I spent years overgiving to others, undervaluing myself, not having any idea how to set and hold healthy, sustainable boundaries (or even what they were). 


There was a day, unforgettable and profound, when the veils of conventional wisdom fell from my eyes. Until that moment, I had been on a relentless pursuit of physical perfection, believing that the power of fitness could craft my ideal reality. But that fateful day, a stirring realization washed over me: the most impactful transformations weren’t sculpted in gyms, but birthed in the recesses of our souls. It wasn’t about the weight lifted or miles run, but about the burdens shed and emotional distances bridged. True transformation emerges not from external accomplishments, but from deep internal healing, and the cultivation of a self-love so potent, it radiates outwards, reshaping everything in its path. In that moment, my journey took a turn – from seeking outer validation to nurturing an inner revolution. 

Here, my life transformed and this transformation is the core of my coaching programs - breaking the cycle of people pleasing, worrying if others like you (when you don’t even like yourself) and instead stepping into who you were designed to be (not who others tell you you “should” be) and become MORE of that.

Warm and Welcoming
Healing Journey

Transforming your
Mind, Body, and Soul

 My clients find inner peace.
They heal their relationship with themselves, finding deep self-love. 
They learn how to nourish and celebrate their bodies,

find confidence in setting boundaries that serve them… and holding them too! 

My Clients stop setting themselves on fire to just keep other people warm and shatter glass ceilings and transform their reality. They learn how to create a life of freedom, find their inner light, and finally feel whole.

As a coach, my success is your success. If you can relate to my story, if you are where I was and am ready to take the step to truly become the most powerful and whole version of yourself, I’m here to tell you that it is time. This whole version of you is waiting….


Are you finally ready to see?

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